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Uncertainty the New Normal


Accurate Nationwide Financial Data and Scientific Market Research

Post Covid requires a 360 degree view of the customer more than ever!

Consumers operate in a complex world of juggling economic and personal uncertainty.

Business success is based on the ability to overcome and manage consumer-based uncertainty.

Lightning fast and granular financial data, matched to scientific research, is the key to maintain and enhance footprint.

Granular Finacial Data

Data that relates to uncertainty directly taps into consumer perceptions and is essential in understanding consumer behaviour under economic instability. It is important to profile consumers by their:

  • Ability to pay their bills.

  • Comfort in discretionary spend.

  • Exhaustion of existing assets.

  • Low spend potential.

  • Job security.

  • Financial perceptions of the future.

Scientific Market Research

Predicting choices must be based on scientific research that mimics the trade-offs of products and services. Correct quantitative methods can make all the difference between success and failure, when:

  • Predicting complex consumer choices.

  • Understanding consumer decision sequences.

  • Predicting tipping points for value trade-offs.

  • Understanding deep consumer feelings and fears.

  • Control consumer emotion.

  • Mapping out consumer psychology.

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