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Synthetic populations provide the cutting edge of customer insights.


Synthetic populations are projections of an actual population, down to household and individual level. They provide extremely accurate insights and conclusions using large samples that are ordinarily unavailable in typical surveys.


In conjunction with our partners at RDA Research, we have developed a new way, based on Census data, that allows accurate predictions of who people are, their profiles, the social groups they belong to and their preferences.


We have created a looking glass that reveals true market behaviour and brings local areas and catchments to life. This enables us to create a highly granular segmentation, right down to a small handful of consumers. It provides propensity scoring across highly defined geographical areas for micro-marketing and engagement.


Talk to us about how we can bring synthetics to your brand and improve your market lens.


Predict how your current market will react to your products and services.


Understand how your market will change as your products grow.


Identify brand, product and services threats that are yet to emerge.


Get to market leadership and maintain continued market dominance.

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